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as per NRIC / FIN / Passport
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NOTE: Last date for changes is no later than 19 November 2022, 2359
NOTE: Last date for changes is no later than 19 November 2022, 2359
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Purchase a spectator ticket now at $5. Event day ticket will be at $15.
By registering for any event held by Powerlifting (Singapore) and its affiliates, I hereby agree that all information provided by myself is true and valid. If for any reason I have to withdraw from this competition, I hereby agree that there may not be any refund issued for my withdrawal.

I hereby agree that I will register for a Powerlifting (Singapore) membership for the year in which I will be competing with Powerlifting Singapore and with the International Powerlifting Federation. Failing to register or maintain a valid annual membership will render my event registration invalid. I acknowledge that the membership I register will be valid for the entire calendar year in which I register, and will expire unequivocally on the 31 December of each year, unless otherwise stated, and that it is non-refundable once registered.

I hereby acknowledge and agree to be bound by and comply with the terms of the Constitution and Regulations of Powerlifting (Singapore), including but not limited to Powerlifting (Singapore)’s Anti-Doping Policy (as amended from time to time). I understand and comply that failure to provide accurate information as requested on this form may result in my membership application being rejected. I acknowledge that I will not be allowed to set any national records or compete in any national or international competitions until such information is provided. I acknowledge that sanctions may apply if I do not notify Powerlifting (Singapore) of any changes that may affect me as a member.
As an athlete, I fully understand and agree to comply with the Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules and regulations, which includes undergoing drug testing by ADS or any other agency nominated. I am aware of the time period of 30 days required for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) application if needed.
I acknowledge that the above information will be stored on paper and electronically in the Powerlifting (Singapore) Membership Register and that any information may be provided to relevant branches such as ADS, executive committee members of Powerlifting (Singapore) and other bodies or parties as necessary for participation and the maintenance of my membership to Powerlifting (Singapore). Information will not be disclosed to any other person or party without my written permission. I may gain access to my information by contacting the President, Vice-President, Secretary General or Treasurer of Powerlifting (Singapore). Powerlifting (Singapore) will not be responsible for any health complications arising from or as a result of pre-existing medical conditions due to participation in any of the events and in this sport.
All members of Powerlifting (Singapore) are subjected to and bound by the Powerlifting (Singapore) Anti-Doping Policy, which includes in and out of competition testing by Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS).
All Powerlifting (Singapore) members must keep their contact details up to date with Powerlifting (Singapore). Changes can be made through the system itself or emailed to
By signing this form I agree to be bound by and comply with the terms of the Constitution and Regulations of Powerlifting (Singapore), including but not limited to the Powerlifting (Singapore) Anti-Doping Policy (as amended from time to time) as set out above. I have given all the information above as accurately as possible and will not hold Powerlifting (Singapore) liable for any loss or damages sustained in my participation in any of the events and in this sport.

In accordance with the Singapore Data Protection Act 2014, I hereby consent to my contact details being used by Powerlifting (Singapore) and its sponsor or partners for the purpose of event updates, news and marketing promotions.

Anti-doping Declaration
I declare that I am a drug-free athlete, and I agree to comply with drug-testing protocols by ADS. Athletes should know that they are strictly liable whenever a prohibited substance is found in their urine or blood sample. This means that a violation occurs whether or not the athlete intentionally, knowingly or unknowingly, used a prohibited substance or was negligent or otherwise at fault. It is therefore very important for athletes to understand not only what is prohibited, but also what might potentially cause an inadvertent doping violation. (WADA List of Prohibited Substances). All athletes who are tested positive will receive a sanction and may not be allowed to compete in any drug-tested sports in Singapore again.

Therapeutic Use Exemption Form

This is an official Powerlifting Singapore (PS) sanctioned. Athletes must be registered as a member of the federation to qualify for participation.
Please ensure that you are a paid member of Powerlifting Singapore. If you need to register as a member, Please click here to register for a membership after completing this form.
All new PS members who sign up only for APO 2022 will have their membership validity extended to 31 Dec 2023. All existing members who have already competed at SPO 2022, SEA Cup 2022 etc. will have their memberships expire on 31 Dec 2022.
- NEW Junior / Sub Junior Membership 2022-2023: $99
- NEW Open / Master Membership 2022-2023: $129

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